02-07-2005:            Master Florist

2001-2005:             Stoas Vilentum University Floral Design

1997-2001:             Secundairy vocational education Floral Design
1991-1995:             Lower general secundairy education

Work activities:

2016:                      Joining Floral Tweet Jamm Flower Factor

2013-present:        Guiding candidates Floral Master Design and judging examination

2008-present:        Teacher Floral Design Aeres University Wagenigen

                               Student coach

                               Teacher Floral Design Associate Degree and Bachelor

                               Teaching international Courses (DFA and ADFA/EFDA)

2006-2007:             Teacher Floral Design Secundairy Vocational Floral Design (MBO)

2005-2006:             Teacher Floral Design primair Vocational Floral Desing (VMBO)

2005-2006:             Teacher Art Centre Floral Design

2004-2007:             Teacher Floral Design Adult course DFA



2017:                      Class NKB, judging in public floral work

2017:                      Masterclass teachers Groene Welle

2016:                      Participant Barcelona World flower cup (fourth place)

2016:                      Participant Dutch Design Week project ‘ Weerbarstigheid’

2015:                      Demonstrations Groei en Bloei Nijmegen

2014:                      Exposition Floraliën ‘s-Hertogenbosch

2013:                      Wedding decorations France

                               Judging Dutch Championship contest Floral Design Groei&Bloei

2012:                      Demonstration Floriade Green emotion, third price Award

2009:                      Wedding Decorations Geneva

2007-2008:             World trip

2005-2007:             Demonstrations Groei en Bloei

2004-2007:             Examination Floral arrangements DFA

2007:                      Judging national junior contest Floral Design

1999-2007:             Workshops Floral Design

2006:                      Workshops, demonstrations en exhibition Floral Movement October 2006

2005-2006:             Member of Green Master Spirit, Studyclub Master Floristry

2004:                      Three months lived and worked in an Aboriginal community Australia as a

                                preparing for my Floral Master study

2001-2007:             Employee Florist Max and Co ‘s-Hertogenbosch

2003-2004:             Employee Oogenlust Eerstel

1997-2001:             Employee Floristy Bloemerie


2016:                     Participant International Floral Annual 2016-2017 (book)

2014:                     Participant International Floral Annual 2014-2015 (book)

2012:                     Participant International Floral Annual 2012-2013 (book)

2007-2008:            Writing columns voor Bloem en Blad